AML platform that’s always ahead

Minerva handles risk in a way that only technology can: in real time and around the world, across billions of data points in 147 languages.

  • Reduce investigation cost by 55%
  • Auto-onboard 85%+ of new customers
  • Satisfy 100% of regulatory obligations


Better data. Better decisions. That’s Minerva.

Minerva handles risk in a way that only technology can: in real time and around the world, across billions of data points in 147 languages.

Onboarding & KYC

Actionable insights for instant decision making

Minerva accelerates decision-making with fewer false positives, so you can let the right customers in faster, keep bad actors out, and satisfy your regulatory obligations in the process.

Risk Dashboard

Focus on the investigations that matter

Minerva comes with a configurable dashboard that identifies the riskiest areas first and flags when your risk changes. So you can focus on the highest priority investigations instead of battling your way through backlogs.

Simple API setup

Get set up in minutes, not months

Time is money—Minerva’s easy implementation means you’ll save both. Our API integration is a plug-and-play solution that makes it easy to set up and scale with the support of the Minerva team in under 5 days. For zero-day implementation, use our UI to get going instantly.

Trusted by top compliance leaders

"Minerva has become a trusted partner in fulfilling certain aspects of Mogo's anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing compliance regime. They adapt quickly to changes in sanctions and other regulatory requirements, providing us with a high level of confidence in their services. We have found their team to be knowledgeable and readily available for support!"

— Senior Director Governance and Compliance

"We chose Minerva for its AI capabilities to automate our regulatory obligations including Know Your Customer and Enhanced Due Diligence aspects of AML onboarding, risk rating and ongoing compliance monitoring. MinervaAI's automated process that produces fully auditable reports allows the investigators to add value by allocating time to analysis instead of the tedium of document collection."

— Lisa Arad, VP of Experience

"Minerva's enhanced due diligence capability has been a great time savings for our investigations team. We've reduced our manual work by accessing actionable insights in a consistent, meaningful way to make better decisions. Knowing that we access hundreds of thousands of global sources, including Sanctions lists, Adverse Media, Legal and business registry information, gives us peace of mind that we are taking the necessary steps to fulfill our AML compliance requirements"

— Chief Compliance Officer, Curve

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Money moves fast. Minerva moves faster.

With Minerva's proactive AML platform, you can get ahead of bad money, for good.