A deeper look at Minerva’s deep learning model

Technology opens the door to new ways of assessing and understanding risk. Combining decades of experience in AML and academic research, Minerva eliminates manual processes and accelerates the pace of investigation.

Like your best investigator. Now 300x faster.

Minerva combines structured and unstructured data to resolve identities in seconds

Prior to Minerva’s technology, the problem of entity resolution during investigations—knowing that one John Smith is the same as another John Smith—could only be solved manually. Minerva changes that by analyzing search engine data, blogs, news, social media, watchlists, ownership records, registries, and other risk information directly. This means investigators no longer need to spend time sifting and sorting to match one identity to another.

Minerva’s human-like intelligence understands risk

In every screening, Minerva works across 4.5 billion live data points. While, Ingesting that data is one thing, understanding it is quite another. Minerva uses neural networks to aggregate all of this information in an intelligent way. It was trained by AML experts to look for connections, flags, and risk factors, just like a great investigator.

Neural networks achieve profound entity resolution

For every data point that comes back from a Minerva screening search, we’re bringing the matching data points together into a real-time graph, and then clustering the graph into concise profiles using neural networks. The neural networks are analyzing over 100 dimensions of comparison between each data point in real time and using this information to make millions of decisions about whether certain data points are referring to the same subjects.

Minerva predicts meaningful connections for investigation

The next step is finding the relationship between two entities—edge labeling. Historically solutions have either been highly manual or error prone. Minerva has created proprietary in-house graph labelling tools to annotate graphs with 99.6% accuracy. As patterns emerge, data points are clustered into context-rich profiles, saving investigators hours of time and reducing human error.

Every insight is configured to express your risk appetite

We know that every organization and industry has a unique tolerance for different types of risk. With Minerva, you’ll input your preferences from the outset, so that the results and recommendations presented match your specific risk appetite for consistent, compliant decisions, every time.

Full data lineage is pulled into an audit-ready report, instantly

Satisfy your record keeping requirements and save hours of copy-pasting. Minerva pulls all of this analysis and investigation into a single report that’s ready for regulators—automatically.

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