Manage AML risk from onboarding to exit

Minerva can be used for end-to-end AML, or as a point solution to augment your current processes.

Identity Verification

Customize your onboarding flow to get your customers through the door safely and quickly. Minerva’s configurable forms mean you’ll capture the information you need during onboarding without wasting time in canned workflows. New jurisdiction or ID format? We'll have you up and running in 24 hours to support your users and your business.

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Know Your Customer & Know Your Business

What does it mean to really know your customer or business? It's not a box-checking exercise for data collection.

Minerva assesses sanctions, PEP and adverse media risk, along with social media, criminal and legal activity, networks and relationships, validated data leaks (Panama, Paradise, etc.) and more. Using real-time data, it understands the context in which a person makes a living or a business operates, what unique risks they pose to your organization, who they do business with, and who they’re connected to—so you can see it all in seconds.

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Risk Rating

Risk ratings are a good way to demonstrate your “risk-based approach” to your regulator. So how do you create a meaningful model that expresses your organization's unique risk appetite? And how do you ensure all of your investigators—whether you have 5 or 500—assess risk in exactly the same way? You use Minerva's highly configurable, 100% transparent risk rating model.

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Beneficial Ownership

Let’s be honest, ultimate beneficial ownership is incredibly difficult right now. Registries are not universal, uniform, or 100% reliable—so how do you understand who owns, directs and stands to benefit from business?

Minerva consults business registries, open source data, company websites, media, financial filings and more to figure out the who’s who behind every enterprise.

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Investigations & Enhanced Due Diligence

Release investigators from the manual, menial, and frustrating work of data collection, sifting through flags and false positives to copy, paste, and repeat. Instead, let them spend that time on risk analysis.

Minerva assembles a single view of client risk containing regulatory required data, red flags and other key risk indicators of financial crime into an easy-to-digest risk profile with actionable information. And it only takes a few seconds.

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Ongoing Monitoring

How do you effectively deliver an ongoing monitoring program without generating extra noise or overwhelming your investigators? Use Minerva to configure and reflect what risks you want to know about right away. Set a cadence aligned to your policy in response to real-world events in real time and/or based on trigger events like changes to global sanctions.

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Lower False Positives by 75%

80% less manual work
100% auditable documentation
Reduce investigation cost by 55%
Auto-onboard 85%+ of new customers
Resolve investigations in minutes not days
100% satisfaction of regulatory obligations
One-day platform onboarding
70% fewer false positives

Customer Stories

"We chose Minerva for its AI capabilities to automate our regulatory obligations including Know Your Customer and Enhanced Due Diligence aspects of AML onboarding, risk rating and ongoing compliance monitoring. MinervaAI's automated process that produces fully auditable reports allows the investigators to add value by allocating time to analysis instead of the tedium of document collection."

— Lisa Arad, VP of Experience

"Minerva has become a trusted partner in fulfilling certain aspects of Mogo's anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing compliance regime. They adapt quickly to changes in sanctions and other regulatory requirements, providing us with a high level of confidence in their services. We have found their team to be knowledgeable and readily available for support!"

— Senior Director Governance and Compliance

"Minerva's enhanced due diligence capability has been a great time savings for our investigations team. We've reduced our manual work by accessing actionable insights in a consistent, meaningful way to make better decisions. Knowing that we access hundreds of thousands of global sources, including Sanctions lists, Adverse Media, Legal and business registry information, gives us peace of mind that we are taking the necessary steps to fulfill our AML compliance requirements"

— Chief Compliance Officer, Curve

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