How to leverage data and AI to advance your AML program

How to leverage data and AI to advance your AML program


Join Minerva executives, Charlene Sebastian and Victor Tay, to discuss how to leverage data as an investment, use data governance to reduce costs, and bring clarity to complex regulations. Register below to save your spot!

Making better, insight-driven risk decisions is the key to an effective and efficient AML compliance program.

Access to current, relevant and accurate data to facilitate decision-making, is the cornerstone of a successful onboarding and monitoring program; yet remains an ever-present challenge and source of expense for AML practitioners.

Join us to discuss how you can source meaningful and accurate AML data. We'll show you how you can leverage AI to access, assemble and analyse data from a multitude of open and closed sources, and how you can use this data to derive meaningful risk insights for more effective and efficient AML practices within your team - to get the most out of your data investment.

We will cover:

  1. Leveraging Data as an Investment: Do you know what data your AML tech stack is leveraging? Not all data is created equal and we’ll walk through the nuances that exist within the AML-data landscape.
  1. Data Governance to Reduce Costs: Discover how improving data can lead to cost reduction in your AML program. We’ll show you the principles of effective data governance, both within your organization and among your vendors. 
  1. Bringing Clarity to Complex Regulations: Navigating the world of regulations and accurate data can be challenging. We’ll break down AML requirements and key areas to draw data from for your teams.

Don’t miss out on a great conversation with our AML experts on using data to reshape the future of AML compliance.

Meet the speakers:

Victor Tay's Headshot
Victor Tay

Combine an engineer with a financial crimes professional and you get Victor Tay.  

With over 15 years of experience, Victor is an AML expert who has worked with large financial institutions (Wells Fargo, CIBC, etc) focusing on leveraging data and technology to help build effective AML Programs.

With his experience and passion for technology, Victor decided to start his own firm and co-founded Minerva. A technology company focused on empowering financial crime investigators through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Charlene Sebastian

Charlene Sebastian is a highly accomplished program and project management professional with a distinguished AML career in financial institutions such as TD, BMO Financial Group, and CIBC. 

Her expertise lies in financial crimes, regulatory transformation, and retail credit. Charlene has consistently delivered large-scale initiatives, managed budgets and resources, and championed the implementation of Agile methodologies. 

With an Executive Master of Business specializing in Data Management and Data Analytics, Charlene brings an impressive track record of operational efficiency and leadership to the table. Beyond her roles, she also serves as the Vice President of the Board with the Canadian RegTech Association.


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