Partnering to predict and prevent financial crime

We work with a wide range of partners to help financial institutions and innovators everywhere keep bad money out of their business with proactive AML.


Grow your business with Minerva

Offer your customers the leading solution for AML risk assessment. Deepen your relationships, demonstrate market expertise, and establish trust by providing your customers with the solution they’ve been looking for—all with the help of the Minerva team, supporting and selling beside you.

Private Label

Extend your product capabilities

Increase your client appeal and inspire confidence by providing the leading AML solution under your own private label. Help your clients satisfy their regulatory requirements, protect their business, and reach new heights with proactive AML.

Cosell and referral

Build a new pipeline of recurring revenue

Leverage our joint go-to-market potential to deliver next-level results for your customers. Shorten your sales cycles and increase your customer satisfaction with the AML solution that’s always a step ahead.

The benefits of partnership

Preferred Pricing

Offer your clients the most competitive pricing. We’ll work with you to build custom offerings that support your business and platform.

Expanded Offerings

Leverage Minerva’s cutting-edge technology to better serve your existing customers and get new businesses through the door faster.

Incentive Programs

We’re here to support your growth. Enjoy financial incentives to support our joint growth, and ongoing sales and marketing support from dedicated Minerva team members.

Our partners

Minerva partners are among the world’s most sophisticated technology suppliers and financial institutions.

Become a partner

Become a Minerva partner

Get started as a Minerva partner with dedicated training and support, and discover how Minerva can power growth for you and your customers.

All-In-One, AI-Enhanced Risk Screening

We put the world’s data to work on a comprehensive compliance platform.
Discover more efficient, effective investigations.

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