Enhanced Sanctions, PEP and Adverse Media API

Automate onboarding and continuous monitoring to reduce false positives by up to 75%, using a simple, data-rich API.

Trusted by Leading financial institutions and innovators

Automatically screen and onboard over 85% of clients

Minerva removes manual work and accelerates compliance teams, while improving onboarding for customers.

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    • 197 Jurisdictions and coverage expected by most regulators
    • Lists updated daily
    • Precise, AI enhanced entity matching lowers false positives by using context like a human investigator to match
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    PEP Identification

    • Proven to catch up to 40% more true PEPs
    • Global Coverage
    • Goes beyond lists by using open-source media improving coverage, and accuracy
    • Contextualizes the level of PEP risk making flags configurable
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    Adverse Media & Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

    • 99.8% Match accuracy with up to 75% fewer false positives.
    • 300,000 media sources with 150 languages
    • Searches the web in real time and uses sentiment analysis to triage risk based on your criteria
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Like having an automated investigator in your onboarding process

With 99.8% match accuracy, Minerva’s superpower is its ability to make investigator-like distinctions in matching unstructured and structured data to your customers, so your team doesn’t have to.

Lower False Positives by 75%

Combine full coverage sanctions screening, PEP identification, adverse media & OSINT analysis for a comprehensive view on your clients lowering false positives by up to 75%.

Onboard the right customers, faster

Automated risk screening can automatically onboard up to 85% of customers while flagging risk, and protecting your margins from bad business.

Greater Coverage with Open Source

Minerva goes beyond the obvious lists and scrapes the web for real-time Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for up to 40% greater true positives.

Streamlined Data-Rich API Integration

Data-rich API that provides full data lineage and source data for each query in seconds. Plug-and-play with your current systems and onboarding. Integrate Minerva in 5 as little as days with the help of our onboarding team

Trusted by top compliance leaders

"We chose Minerva for its AI capabilities to automate our regulatory obligations including Know Your Customer and Enhanced Due Diligence aspects of AML onboarding, risk rating and ongoing compliance monitoring. MinervaAI's automated process that produces fully auditable reports allows the investigators to add value by allocating time to analysis instead of the tedium of document collection."

— Lisa Arad, VP of Experience

"Minerva has become a trusted partner in fulfilling certain aspects of Mogo's anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing compliance regime. They adapt quickly to changes in sanctions and other regulatory requirements, providing us with a high level of confidence in their services. We have found their team to be knowledgeable and readily available for support!"

— Senior Director Governance and Compliance

"Minerva's enhanced due diligence capability has been a great time savings for our investigations team. We've reduced our manual work by accessing actionable insights in a consistent, meaningful way to make better decisions. Knowing that we access hundreds of thousands of global sources, including Sanctions lists, Adverse Media, Legal and business registry information, gives us peace of mind that we are taking the necessary steps to fulfill our AML compliance requirements"

— Chief Compliance Officer, Curve

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All-In-One, AI-Enhanced Risk Screening

We put the world’s data to work on a comprehensive compliance platform.
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