Transforming AML Risk Management: Minerva CEO Jennifer Arnold on Raising $11M

Transforming AML Risk Management: Minerva CEO Jennifer Arnold on Raising $11M

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By Minerva
February 28, 2023

Join Hasan Tarek, CEO of Venture Pulse Daily, in an exclusive interview with Jennifer Arnold, CEO of Minerva. Dive deep into the heart of AML risk assessment and the groundbreaking deep learning technology behind Minerva. In this comprehensive discussion, Jennifer shares her entrepreneurial journey, the challenges faced, and her ambitious vision for the future. Discover the story behind Minerva's inception and its significant impact on the financial industry. Get ready to explore the forefront of financial technology with insights from these two industry leaders.

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About Minerva

Minerva is a RegTech leader founded by Anti-Money Laundering (AML) industry experts to transform AML compliance.

The company’s proactive AML platform uses sophisticated deep learning models and neural networks to analyze billions of data points in 147 languages to help compliance teams get ahead of financial crime. With its ability to instantly understand context, sentiment, and risk across structured, unstructured, open source, and proprietary data, the Minerva platform creates context rich customer profiles and predictive risk analysis, in real time. Minerva is trusted by leading financial institutions that require faster, more accurate risk assessment results.

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By Minerva
February 28, 2023
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With Minerva's proactive AML platform, you can get ahead of bad money, for good.